Ramp towards Newlyn Cornwall Jason Walker

'ramp towards newlyn' by artist jason walker

It’s not often that you get to see such prosaic sights as your local skate ramp rendered on canvas by a successful artist but that is exactly what I found when I opened a link to the subtly affecting paintings of Penzance-based artist Jason Walker.

There, in muted blue-green oils and entitled ‘Ramp facing Newlyn’, was the graffiti-covered skate ramp in Wherrytown (next to the recycling banks on the promenade), set faithfully against a grey Newlyn sky.

Here is my less romantic vision:

penzance skate ramp cornwall

aforementioned skate ramp, penzance

Sadly we won’t get a viewing of this painting in west Cornwall – but those passing through Bath between 15 March and 10 April can see Jason Walker’s latest works (including paintings of Jubilee Pool and Newlyn fish market) in an exhibition at the Beaux Arts gallery, and anyone can take a look at his paintings online here.