pasty advert

I was walking through a run-of-the-mill shopping centre in Oxford this week and spotted – or, rather, was accosted by – this weirdly worded, 10ft tall advert for the next-door pasty stall, picturing a giant pasty semi-submerged in the turquoise sea off the Cornish coast.

Not all pasties are created equal, it tells us. Indeed: the pasty shop in question was selling FETA AND SPINACH pasties with HERBS ON TOP, can you believe? You wouldn’t get away with that sort of unorthodox behaviour round here. I’m not against some modification of the pasty within reason – a beef and stilton pasty from the Chough bakery in Padstow last Obby Oss can be credited for my newly liberal views – but herbs on top?! That’s the pasty economy for you.