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Like any girl, I swoon at the sight of vintage crockery, bunting, wild flowers and cakes (in pretty much any combination), so imagine my excitement at this pop-up tea shop called Tea by the Sea, which pitched up in the old shipping container that is currently on Penzance prom as part of Cornwall Design Season.

Despite being the only seaside prom in Cornwall – with twinkling views – Penzance prom is quite a bare kind of place. Occasionally, and seemingly randomly, a few potted palms appear, but then they disappear as mysteriously as they came. Other than that, there is just a shelter for people to smoke their rollies in, the odd bench, and an old pay-as-you-go telescope.

In some ways I don’t mind the emptiness, but all the same it was great to see an unexpected flash of colour. The teashop people say they hope they will be back soon in a wheel-on-wheel-off vintage caravan so watch that patch on the prom for more tea and cake action.