Being a bit of a tin geek, I approve of this vintage-chic new tin of Cornish Fairings care of Furniss (official makers of the Cornish Fairing – they nabbed a trademark a few years back), which has been designed to celebrate their 125th anniversary in business.

The requisite embossing and retro styling is in place, as well as a motif of a pan-Cornish lighthouse, all brought up to date with some nice pastel colours and tactile matt gold.

Cornish people don’t tend to eat Fairings in great quantities, other than when they have just gifted someone a tin of them, under which circumstances they are very happy to chow through the contents.

£6.99 per tin.

PS Furniss is currently inviting the public to help fill the gaps in its archive of tin designs; if you have an old Furniss tin gathering dust, email Cash is paid for the finest, rarest tins but even a photo of your vintage tin could earn you a Furniss goodie bag.