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This photo blog post has come in today from Mexico care of p&c hermana Jen. Far away in the Mexican province of Hidalgo, there is a little corner of Kernow called Real del Monte, twinned with Redruth. It’s a community steeped in Cornish culture, thanks to the pasty-munching influence of some 350 Cornish miners who ran the local mines in the early to mid 19th century.

Most of the photos in this slideshow were taken in the local cemetery, which contains hundreds of Cornishmen, many of whom died at alarming ages. My Mexican correspondent tells me that Bridget, the woman leading the renovation of the cemetery, is sister of Michael Galsworthy, the owner of the Trewithen estate.

Brilliantly, next weekend Real del Monte is celebrating the International Paste [sic] Festival. Just fantastic to see this sort of pasty respect overseas. Have a look in the slideshow to assess the local pasty specimen – it’s rounder and less ornate on the crimpage than a Rowes but looks ideal to me.

Want to read more about the Cornish in Mexico? Check this link for the Cornish Mexican Cultural Society.