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I’ve been stealing SD cards again – this time from my friend and keen photographer Chris Pierre, who has been taking a séjour in Penzance this past sunny week. I was flicking through his Canon Ixus and enjoying all the unusual details he had picked out of the Cornish landscape with fresh eyes. I particularly like the railings on the Jubilee Pool, the sofa in a field, the monterey pines and the prettiest cow on earth. Thanks Chris – I will continue to apply pressure for you to start a photo blog.

coastal footpath cornwall

pasties & cream will be away for a few days walking a portion of the Cornish coastal footpath and camping en route – possibly in the rain. Wish me luck.

If I haven’t dropped my phone in a muddy ditch or reached some sort of zen-like ditch-the-screens state of mind, I may attempt some tweeting or a mobile blog post but failing that expect a bombardment of pictures on my return.

p&c january header: artist’s studio Newlyn

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