I know this is old news now but: Happy New Year all!

I have only just emerged from the self-inflicted carnage of a St Ives New Year, which I spent dressed in some high-waisted snakeskin trousers and a blond wig – and in the company of a womble, Big Bird, two shepherds, Dr Zoidberg, a carrot, a robot and a crocodile.

We spent most of the evening in the throng outside the Sloop and then, as is traditional, saw the new year in on the soft sands of the St Ives harbour beach. The fireworks seemed a little lacklustre this year and the public toilets had closed (to slightly disturbing effect), but it mattered not. The vibes were positive, *everyone* was in fancy dress, and you could even get to the bar. If there is a better formula for that most tricky of celebrations to get right, I’m yet to find it!

So, cheers to 2011. My resolutions are, as usual, to drink more water and do more exercise – they’ve been chalked up for so many years now, they are starting to feel reassuringly familiar.