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Like hundreds of thousands of others, judging by the rocketing sales of sustainable fish species this week, I found the points made in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight programme very compelling.

So compelling, in fact, that I didn’t even mind him repeating them a billion times in the space of half an hour (sign of bloody good point)! In the notoriously complicated territory of fish and seafood – where ‘the right thing to do’ is an elusive concept to anyone who isn’t personally monitoring fish stocks – keeping it clear, simple and repetitive seems crucial to the campaign’s success.

So for this cause, I didn’t mind being a cliche and trotting off to sunny Newlyn this morning in search of an ‘alternative’ species of fish for dinner. I came home with a fillet of coley for £2 – an alternative to the over-fished cod to which the Brits are so attached.

(Oh and if you’re looking for a fish & chip shop in Cornwall that is embracing the Fish Fight, rock over to Harbour Lights in Falmouth, which, according to a press release I received this morning, is leading the way in serving sustainable fish).

Right on.

You can sign up for the Fish Fight campaign here and watch a short vid.

newlyn harbour

Oh and low tide this morning (couldn’t resist *yet another* picture of this view) on the way back: