According to an email alert reminding me to renew my domain, or forever lose my Cornish corner of cyberspace, this week marks pasties & cream blog’s first anniversary *Camel Valley champers all round*.

Cliche as it is to reflect on time’s stealthy passing, it really does seem like no time since I was tentatively tapping out my first posts, too self-conscious for weeks to actually share the link with anyone.

I’m still a little self-conscious on occasions but blogging a few times a week has quickly become an integral part of my life. It is something I always appear to have time for when far more urgent tasks languish on the list. But why, I wonder, do we blog?

For my part, I love sharing the joys of Cornwall, my minor discoveries, foodie obsessions and design crushes, and – being a naturally impatient person – the ‘publish instantly’ button has great appeal (I don’t know how bloggers manage to hold posts on the pre-load setting). Blogging has also been surprisingly cathartic at times.

Soooo, in any case, my yearly email from bloggy HQ also informed me that the most read posts on pasties & cream in the last year were:

1 cornish surfing sheep April 2010

2 author page February 2010

3 haul away the port isaac’s fisherman’s friends album – as of today! April 2010

4 beaten green in lelant March 2010

5 UK’s first review of rick stein’s fish and chips in falmouth. [i think…] April 2010

The surfing sheep are where it’s at! Thanks for reading and indulging me in my Cornish musings, meandering and crackly videos. What would you like to read more of? Less of? More photos? Videos taken in decent light?! Less wittering? More ranting? I’m all ears. (And I know, I have to update my Flickr photostream which has been stuck on summer all winter.)