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I think one way or another we all suffer from bouts of green fatigue. Does anyone else, as they toss a lone newspaper in the recycling bin, get a weary feeling of futility? Surely, I can’t help thinking, it is going to take a shitload more than this to get ourselves out of this mess.

The revolution starts at home, and don’t get me wrong I am on board, but for big-scale change to take place, we are going to need some serious commitment from those with power, money or vision, or preferably all three.

Which is why we are very lucky to have someone like Tim ‘Eden’ Smit in Cornwall. I read an interview with him in the Times on Saturday and was riveted*.

There is a restlessness about him that is totally contagious – and he seems to have a very real desire to innovate, educate, take risks and actually come up with the goods. He also makes the point that the eco movement would gain from harnassing the power of private industry.

Btw, on the subject of the Eden Project… it has this week launched its first outside-the-greenhouse venture – a tasty-looking new eco cafe in the centre of St Austell in the White River Place development (which was, last time I checked, some way from living up to the promise of being ‘the most exciting shopping centre in Cornwall’).

Naturally, the toilets are flushed with harvested rainwater and the premises are in possession of solar panels and recycled furniture and things. But this being Eden, there are clever extras: grow-your-owners can come and sell their veg at the cafe; there is a book swap based on personal recommendations; space for community meetings; live music; workshops. Cornish-inspired cocktails too.

If ever there was a place that needed a sprinkling of Eden innovation, it is St Austell town centre. Am curious to check it out.

*I’ve been stabbing around google for some time but can’t find a link to the article – has the Times subscription system also eradicated them from searches?