You know that thing people say about things that seem too good to be true usually not being true? Well, I really hope that isn’t the case… because I just got my first delivery from – the Cornish online groceries store bravely aspiring to be a genuine competitor to the Big 4 – and frankly it bodes well.

But before I get into detail, can I just say OMG THEY DO CORIANDER FOR 99p, an ingredient so exotic in these parts that it is the sole preserve of the supermarkets, or a fixed price of three million pounds a sprig in any other shop.

Everything that can be Cornish is – meat, cheese, veg, eggs, bread (Baker Tom), beer (Tribute et al) – but there are also household essentials and non-local fruit and veg in there too.

The online experience was slick and made for easy clicking. Next-day delivery times are available (for free over £12) and Cornish-vibe, stick-it-in-the-front-porch directions are fine.

And prices are totally comparable with supermarkets – not counting loss-leaders perhaps (ie buy-one-get-ten-free), which are basically a bit dark anyway.

A friendly man dressed in green dropped the bags off this afternoon and now I need not venture into the dark aisles of Penzance Tesco this weekend – or heaven forbid, the Coop Pioneer in Wherrytown (one of most depressing retail experiences on earth – so bleak in fact, that it may warrant a future blog post).