I went to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at the Du Maurier Festival in Fowey last night – plucking amazing, they were.

Watching them dismember rock songs on titchily tiny ukuleles is a formula that never seems to fail (which may be why they sell out hundreds of gigs a year).

It’s a relentlessly entertaining, semi-ironic show but musically it’s no joke – these people are slick pickers. Even Ralph McTell was in the audience picking up a few tips…

PS Wow, the Du Maurier Festival venue is super-posh and comfortable. We were all dressed (Kneehigh-style) in big jumpers and scarves, assuming we would be in a muddy marquee, when actually it was in a swish temporary structure with carpet, pot plants and comfortable chairs (lumbar support: 8/10). Wouldn’t get none of that in west Cornwall, I tell ‘ee.

PPS Fowey river’s pretty special on a calm summer evening.

Sorry one more…