I just went to a Cornish press conference in which the new-look Rodda’s clotted cream was unveiled by the lovely Nick Rodda – an essential date for pasties & cream as you can imagine.

When they (literally) lifted the curtain on the new logo, I realised just how instinctively resistant to change we all are – I may even have gasped. For my whole life, Rodda’s (= bastion of Cornish tradition Cornwall) has meant a red, old-fashioned logo with a clotted cream-laden scone on the front (vintage look pictured below). And now it was gold! With artisanal-style image of a Cornish milkmaid! And a twitter icon!

But all is well now – I took a few deep breaths, took reassurance from the Rodda’s crew that the product is the same as ever, and noticed that it’s actually rather a charming look, with choughs and Cornish flags tucked away subtlely in the design.

Look out for Rodda’s: The Next Phase, rolling out in June. Can Cornwall handle it?


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