Playing the limping card (a little worn around the edges but it’s still good), I managed to get myself a bespoke tractor ride around the orchards at Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm (look, it’s the Cornish spelling alright..) yesterday – here are a few autumnal pics.

They were right in the middle of a bumper harvest and they had apples coming out of their ears. Healey’s are of course the people behind Rattler, the cider beloved of Westcountry drinkers, which as of two weeks ago was rolled out in Wetherspoons across the country. Go forth and conquer!

I also got to try the Pear Rattler for the first time, which was surprisingly subtle and tropical. You can read my tasting sesh of its sister, Berry Rattler, the other day here (summary: girly, refreshing, two is probably enough).