Berry Rattler Bottle cornwallcornish stingers bottle cornwall

In Cornwall’s steady move towards food & drink domination, three new bottled drinks hailing from these parts are hitting the shelves this summer. (Domination is a slight exaggeration, but we do now have 100% Cornish ‘champagne’ from Camel Valley, tea from Tregothnan, ‘aval’ from Polgoon, all manner of Very Expensive premium juices, such as Helford Creek and Cornish Orchards, not to mention the ridiculousness that is bottled Cornish spring water.)

Two of the new brews are alcoholic, but the third is no shrinking violet. I’ve been sipping away selflessly to bring you some tasting notes:

Berry Rattler

Cornwall’s favourite cider, Cornish Rattler, has given birth to a fruity new Rattler infused with red berries.

The look: cloudy, red, girly, new surfy label. The taste: fruity but not overly sweet. The verdict: great for an early evening drink to bridge the gap between day and night, though I don’t have it down as a session cider.

Cornish Stingers

A refreshing 100% stinging nettle cider from Foodswild, a foraged food company from the Lizard, in partnership with Keltek brewery in Redruth.

The look: artisanal, fun, rustic. The taste: refreshing and quite spritzy, a lot like a sparkling fruit drink despite being 4% proof. The verdict: The arrival of the wild food alcopop?! Good for those days when you feel like an elderflower spritzer but want the effects of a beer. I tried my first nettle beer on Sennen Beach last year made by a keen home-brewing friend and it was a revelation – citrussy and light yet intoxicating.

Rev Berriman’s Heavenly Unorthodox Drinks

When did the church get this good at marketing? A practising reverend from Launceston has created a cool line of chilli-infused drinks.

The look: quite hip, black-themed bottles, witty wording. The taste: initially looks and tastes like a full-fizz, full-fat coke and then after a short delay, it hits you with a hot, tingly sensation at the back of your throat. Will appeal to those who are into properly spicy ginger beer, but not to those who order an extra-mild korma. The verdict: I loved it, and can’t wait to put it in a rum cocktail; plenty to say for itself!