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For such a quirky, low-key film – especially one that was released almost ten years ago – Sideways had a curiously long-lasting effect on me. Snippets seem to enter my consciousness at relatively frequent intervals. The bit where he drinks his most treasured wine out of a paper coffee cup in a life-defining ‘fuck it’ moment. The romance of the road trip. The search for amazing wine. And the tragi-comic intricacies of the protagonist’s mid-life crisis, but there I digress…

My latest little Sideways moment came at Read the rest of this entry »

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Fruity ciders seem to be all the rage round here at the mo, which is fine by me, even if I tend to think of them as a one-drink novelty. A bit like that lovely German cherry beer Kriek. But I just discovered one that I’d be delighted to drink all night long… you know, should the opportunity arise.

The spanking new Cornish Pink from Polgoon comes in girly, pink, alcopoppy bottles but the label belies some classy bubbles inside. Not too fizzy and carbonated, it’s a very smooth ride. £2.50 a bottle in a deli near you.

Playing the limping card (a little worn around the edges but it’s still good), I managed to get myself a bespoke tractor ride around the orchards at Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm (look, it’s the Cornish spelling alright..) yesterday – here are a few autumnal pics.

They were right in the middle of a bumper harvest and they had apples coming out of their ears. Healey’s are of course the people behind Rattler, the cider beloved of Westcountry drinkers, which as of two weeks ago was rolled out in Wetherspoons across the country. Go forth and conquer!

I also got to try the Pear Rattler for the first time, which was surprisingly subtle and tropical. You can read my tasting sesh of its sister, Berry Rattler, the other day here (summary: girly, refreshing, two is probably enough).

korev cornish lager

Similarly to the way I started necking strong coffee at regular intervals while living in Buenos Aires, having never shown any interest in the stuff before, I have become a keen ale drinker since I’ve been in Cornwall. It just seems, well, the right thing to drink… particularly on one of Cornwall’s specialist mizzly days.

But there are summer days, yesterday was one of them, when Betty‘s warm embrace isn’t quite so appropriate – and for those days rather excitingly there is now a posh new Cornish lager.

While it’s not perhaps a Belgian flavourfest (nor necessarily would you want it to be if you’re in the market for several pints), it has a ton more flavour than the Fosters and Carlings of this world.

Beer demon blog was talking about it just the other day: “I think it’s a good thing that there is more and more quality lager being produced in Britain so we don’t just have to turn to the Europeans for quality alternatives to the mass produced piddle on the supermarket shelves.”  Hear, hear.

It’s a suave-looking bottle too, with black and white pic of Perranporth beach and the Cornish flag. Tis even called Korev, the Cornish word for beer.

With this, the Cornish drink cabinet must surely be almost full: champagne, elderflower wine, ale, cider, aval, tea, spicy cola, pear cider and stinging nettle beer … OK, so who’s going to turn out a nice Cornish aged rum then?

Read all about Korev here on St Austell Brewery’s website.

Berry Rattler Bottle cornwallcornish stingers bottle cornwall

In Cornwall’s steady move towards food & drink domination, three new bottled drinks hailing from these parts are hitting the shelves this summer. (Domination is a slight exaggeration, but we do now have 100% Cornish ‘champagne’ from Camel Valley, tea from Tregothnan, ‘aval’ from Polgoon, all manner of Very Expensive premium juices, such as Helford Creek and Cornish Orchards, not to mention the ridiculousness that is bottled Cornish spring water.)

Two of the new brews are alcoholic, but the third is no shrinking violet. I’ve been sipping away selflessly to bring you some tasting notes:

Berry Rattler

Cornwall’s favourite cider, Cornish Rattler, has given birth to a fruity new Rattler infused with red berries.

The look: cloudy, red, girly, new surfy label. The taste: fruity but not Read the rest of this entry »

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