What do you make of all this then?

My mouse-clicking finger looked sharp today when I received an email with a link promising a ‘punked-up version’ of old-as-you-like Cornish folk song Lil’ Eyes.

This little blast of Cornish anarchy comes care of a band called Crowns – a rocky, folky, Pogues-inspired band made up of four 21-year-old Cornish lads from Lanson currently living in exile (while busy making their mark in the capital)… with a little help from Ben Lovett of Mumford & Son on accordian and vocal*.

Looks like a lot of fun live and fortunately Crowns are in the county in March for a Cornish tour – there are gigs in Hayle, Aggie, Bunters, Gylly Cafe … check the dates & deets here http://crownsband.co.uk/

*and a little more help from that other well-known Cornish film location – the public toilets in Truro behind Benetton.

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