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Cornwall cried when the beautiful Pandora Inn on the banks of Restronguet Creek was destroyed by fire last year, and cheered when it rose again a year later. The age-old pub looks only a little different for its ordeal I discovered and the pontoon is still an eye-wateringly gorgeous place for a pint on a sunny evening.

(It also has a golden letterbox! thanks of course to a certain Mr Ainslie.)

The Tinner’s Arms – trading in the simple pleasures in life since 1271.

Tinner’s Arms, Zennor, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 3BY.

OK, I realise that two consecutive blog posts have contained images of bunting fluttering in the Cornish breeze – you’ll have to forgive me (particularly male readers) but really you’ve got to make hay while the sun shines.

This is a clip of Porthleven Food Festival on Saturday, taken from next to the food marquee, where I sat pint of Betty in hand, enjoying Read the rest of this entry »

king's arms cornwall st justking's arms cornwall st just

I have been woefully lacking in blog material recently due to six crushingly dull weeks on crutches – and I didn’t think micro-analysis of the Tash-Summer storyline on Neighbours would pass muster.

Anyway, I am now in possession of a perfectly healed greater trochanter (hello world!), which called for a celebration: a mid-week outing to the King’s Arms in St Just for midday pints of Tribute, and a steak and ale pie.

The old granite-fronted pub, on the square in St Just, has won a plethora of awards since new owners Brad and Molly took it over a year ago. We found a warm welcome, spick and span bar, and some pretty exceptional pie (£9.95, served with parmesan mushy peas and mustard mash), so I think I’ll award it the Read the rest of this entry »

korev cornish lager

Similarly to the way I started necking strong coffee at regular intervals while living in Buenos Aires, having never shown any interest in the stuff before, I have become a keen ale drinker since I’ve been in Cornwall. It just seems, well, the right thing to drink… particularly on one of Cornwall’s specialist mizzly days.

But there are summer days, yesterday was one of them, when Betty‘s warm embrace isn’t quite so appropriate – and for those days rather excitingly there is now a posh new Cornish lager.

While it’s not perhaps a Belgian flavourfest (nor necessarily would you want it to be if you’re in the market for several pints), it has a ton more flavour than the Fosters and Carlings of this world.

Beer demon blog was talking about it just the other day: “I think it’s a good thing that there is more and more quality lager being produced in Britain so we don’t just have to turn to the Europeans for quality alternatives to the mass produced piddle on the supermarket shelves.”  Hear, hear.

It’s a suave-looking bottle too, with black and white pic of Perranporth beach and the Cornish flag. Tis even called Korev, the Cornish word for beer.

With this, the Cornish drink cabinet must surely be almost full: champagne, elderflower wine, ale, cider, aval, tea, spicy cola, pear cider and stinging nettle beer … OK, so who’s going to turn out a nice Cornish aged rum then?

Read all about Korev here on St Austell Brewery’s website.

p&c january header: artist’s studio Newlyn

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